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      To write an essay that begins with the sentence

      "nowadays more and more people choose to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle."


      Nowadays more and more people choose to live an environ-mentally friendly lifestyle. They tend to produce less rubbish in their daily life and try to recycle anything that can be reused. Some even become enthusiasts and encourage more people around them to change their lifestyles into the more environ-mentally friendly ones.

      Simon, one of my best friends, is a typical youngster who lives an environmentally friendly lifestyle. He tries not to buy prod-ucts during the manufacture of which much pollution may be caused. After using up the goods he bought, he would always reuse the packages of the goods for other purposes. He also tries to reduce the pollution from human-made machines. No matter in very hot summer or in freezing cold winter, he never uses air conditioners. He believes that it does us good to stay in a natural environment and reducing the use of air condition-ers can save more electricity as well.

      As people's awareness of protecting and guarding the earth becomes stronger,an increasing number of people from differ-ent fields will join to live sustainably and eventually make the world a more worthy place to live.



      26. G correlation

      27.B amiably

      28. H facinated

      29. A adversely

      30 N signify

      31. C boOst

      32. M recurrent

      33. D cognitive

      34.L prone

      35. E compassion


      36.F Climate change has wrought havoc on the lives oftens of thousands of people

      37.BI took scientists a long time to realise that the function of forests goes far beyond providing humans with timber.

      38.H There is abundant evidence that we are now facing a possible ecological disaster.

      39.D Environmental science became academie disciplines only some sixty years ago

      40.K Things cannot change overnight, but reducing the consumption of natural resources will help solve the ecological crisis.

      41.C Human perception of forests has undergone a tremendous change in the past years.

      42.G Recent history shows reduction of pollution once seemingly impossible, can actually be accomplished

      43.A People began to consider preserving natural resourees when they feared they would have nothing to use in the future.

      44.J If we doubt our ability to reverse ecological deterioration, we are throwing away the chance to take action.

      45.E How to respond effectively to climate change has become the focus of international diplomacy


      46 B) It would be detrimental to music production

      47 A) Al technology is conducive to music composition.

      48 A) Music produced with Al technology lacks humanness.

      49 D) It is human specific.

      50 B) It has the prospect of becoming the norm in the future.

      51 B) It is a necessary means to improve their understanding of Scientific issues.

      52 C) Turn to a specialist for professional help.

      53 D) The public's understanding of science is much better than some have claimed.

      54 C) A learned scholar is not necessarily a qualified science communicator.

      55 D) Develop communication skills.



      Built in 1192 and rebuilt in 1698, the Lugou Bridge, which is located 15 kilometres south west of the Tian'anmen Square across the Yongding River,is the most ancient bridge with multiple arches in Beijing. The bridge is sus-tained by 281 pillars, each of which has a stone lion on the end and more stone lions hiding on its head, back, abdomen or claws.These stone lions are so lifelike with various pos-tures that they are well accepted as fine works of art in stone carving. As there are too many stone lions on the bridge,a saying in Beijing goes,"The lions on the Lugou Bridge are beyond people's count."" The bridge is not only well-known for its aesthetic features but also well recog-nized as a monument in the architectural history of stone bridges.